Shannon – I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your success in Quarterbacking our Marketing Initiatives in 2016/17. We have failed a few times trying to put the identity, branding and website retool together in the past. I am truly amazed with the fact you keep every aspect of the project detailed and on schedule without sacrificing the creative value of the actual work. I love working with and consider you part of the SubZero Management Team. Cheers to our progress to date and looking forward to many more marketing success stories with your help.
— Dean Soll, CEO, SubZero Constructors
We are so appreciative of the work that you have done on behalf of the Jupiter Hotel that words alone cannot convey the superb job that you have done on our behalf.

Going back almost 8 years, you have been a beacon of brilliance, in strategy, in process, in professionalism, and beyond. Your connections, skills in social media, marketing savvy, knowledge of the process have all been a critical part of our continued success.
— Tod Breslau, co-owner of Jupiter Hotel, Portland Ore.
There is brilliant and then there is Shannon. You have to fully understand the magnitude of what she brings to the table as an accomplished PR, marketing, and digital executive. I know she would not think of herself as an innovator, but more as a connector of people and passion, the reality is that it is this passion for excellence that amazes me every time I work with her. I consider her one of the most brilliant women I have ever met and would highly recommend her and her team for any project where you need amazing performance that is connected to passion for the project.
— Paul Barron CEO, Executive Producer + Editor in Chief at Foodable Network
Shannon is the consummate professional. She embodies a natural authenticity that is both honest and illuminating. She really believes in every project she aligns herself with and puts her full heart into reach for the best possible end result. But the joy of working with her makes you want to postpone the end of any job to extend the relationship. Her knowledge of the hospitality industry runs deep. She represents the timeless classic glamor we all strive for and the humility it takes to succeed in any setting. Her natural grace makes her the perfect candidate for any role.
— John Gorham, Co-owner & Executive Chef of Toro Bravo, Tasty n Sons, Tasty n Alder; Co-owner of Mediterranean Exploration Company.
Shannon has been great to work with. Incredibly responsive, communicative, and organized. I’d most definitely enjoy working with her again.
— Ben Jacobsen, Founder & CEO of Jacobsen Salt Co.
Shannon Pratuch has been a lifeline for me in my business. When I have a difficult or challenging PR situation, she is my go to person for advice and wise counsel. In the easier times, I value her experience and professionalism in giving advice and ideas. Those skills, along with her ability to read a situation quickly and easily, are a rare find in our industry. Shannon is a gem. I am lucky to have her on my team!
— Lisa Watson, Owner of Cupcake Jones
Shannon is one of the quickest, most accommodating PR professionals I have worked with in the country. She is fast, pleasant and expertly handles requests with a special attention to the needs of whatever organization she is working with. She is the first person I contact when I’m in a jam, and the last person I worry about when a story hits the ether. She has had my back from day one, and her balance of personality and professionalism is unmatched.
— Andy Kryza, National Senior Editor, Thrillist
The Scene Marketing group has been instrumental in the growth of the Jupiter Hotel. Since our first meeting, they focused on the needs of the business and developed a detail action plan & strategy to help achieve our goals.

During the initial process, they listened, explored options and helped guide us in better understanding the role of marketing, the desired outcome and the strategies to achieve success.

Our business has experienced year over year growth. We now have a focused and consistent message which resonates with our consumer target audience which has resulted in increased exposure and a very positive return on investment.
— Al Munguia, General Manager, Jupiter Hotel
I work with PR agents and Marketing Firms on a weekly basis, and of them all, Shannon stands out as being incredibly professional, beyond supportive, and full of great ideas. Our relationship over the past 5 years has been tremendously rewarding and productive for PDXYelp and for me personally. From hashing out creative ideas to assembling massive food-related events, Shannon has been an incredible and indispensable partner.
— Don Bourassa, Yelp
As a writer and editor for several travel outlets focused heavily on Oregon, Shannon has been enormously helpful in providing me timely and relevant information on her clients - not just the basics, but details about events and promotions that have helped me to come up with angles for stories and blog posts. Furthermore, Shannon knows the region well and goes out of her way to alert me of tourism-related news and happenings that go beyond even the clients she represents.
— Andrew Collins, Editor
Shannon is simply a delight to work with. She is energetic, creative, always willing to help, and very intelligent. I know I can count on her for anything I need.
— Lauren Davis, Business HR - Organization Capability Partner at Intel Corporation
Shannon and her company, The Scene Marketing Group, are like having a best friend at the corporate level — someone you can count on to come up with money-making ideas that are 1st in the industry and are backed up by great support. She was a taskmaster which most people/companies need! Great mind, and sweetheart to boot!
— Frances Kiradjian, Founder & Chair, Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association
Shannon is exceptional at communication, strategy development and execution, transforming big picture into actionable detail and vision assessment. Her passions on food and hospitality generate cutting edge and innovative solutions for partners and clients. She rocks, plain and simple.
— Jeffrey J Kingman, Operations Manager, DigitalCoCo & Foodable Network
Shannon is a truly gifted idea machine & communicator. She understands her clients and how to create timely and imaginative solutions to marketing and pr assignments. I’ve worked with her as a designer on numerous projects and I’m always inspired by her skilled art direction and the work that we are able to create together.
— Zoe Mendell, Owner, ZoePDX design
Shannon is an amazing organizer, leader and outstanding at event management ....from concept to execution! I highly recommend Shannon for any type of event or promotion your company might be considering. I was amazed at the contacts she has and successfully promoted an event we worked together on.
— Marcus V Pakiser, Director of Sake - Young's Market / The Estates Group
Shannon is one of the most talented and organized people I know. We have served on the Board of Portland’s Social Media Club together for the past three years. She is always strategizing and proposing creative, thoughtful solutions to the biggest of challenges. She is fiercely loyal, is highly driven and excels at connecting people and building community. Any time you work with Shannon, you know the project will be a smashing success and you will have plenty of fun along the way!
— Mary Nichols, Karmic Marketing
Shannon is probably one of the few people I know that really understands the value of traditional marketing principles as well as the power of relationship and social business today. She has a keen eye for strategy and campaign execution. I would recommend Shannon to any brand looking to either shore up an existing content strategy, social media and marketing plan or starting from scratch. She is genuine, professional and indispensable.
— John Berquist, Saddleback Leather Co.
Shannon lead us through the development of a signature event and provided not only great management but insight, creative ideas and solutions, partnership and guidance. When unfortunate situations brought the cancellation of the event she was right there to guide us through the challenge provide support and a shoulder to lean on. I can’t recommend Shannon and her team enough. I look forward to working with her again soon. The best.
— Dewey Weddington, Ferment Marketing
Shannon always finds a new way to get things done. We worked together to help first-time home-buyers find homes in a very heated market. She turned a tough search into a fantastic day that inspired everyone involved. If you are looking for someone who will listen to what you need and then design a new way to achieve it, Shannon is it.
— Erik Sten, President at Further Development, LLC